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Mountain View

Clinic Policies

Doctor on Call

The Doctor on Call (DOC)  is available for same day appointments to permanent residents of Kimberley for urgent matters.  You can call from 8:30 onward to book an appointment with the physician.  These appointments are for urgent matters only and not for concerns that should be discussed with a family doctor, such as prescription renewals etc.  If you don’t have a family physician, non-urgent issues will be fit in with our Family Medicine Resident or if space permits with the on-call physician.  We are currently servicing a large number of unattached patients with a limited number of physicians so please be understanding if there are no appointments left at the time of your call.  We are doing our very best to serve the community. 

For Each Visit
Our physicians do their very best to address all of your concerns at each visit, however it is important to understand that we cannot always address every problem in one visit and you may be required to book a follow up appointment.  This also helps the clinic better manage patient flow and physicians are more likely to run on time.

Prescription Renewals
Medication refills must be addressed at the time of your appointment.   Appointments should be made for refills at least two weeks in advance of your prescription coming due.  Only in exceptional circumstances will we deviate from this policy.

Uninsured Services/Forms
Provincial health insurance does not cover all services.  Uninsured services include: Insurance forms; Disability Applications; Disability Tax Credit Applications; Sports Medicals; Employment Medicals; Driver’s Medicals; Medical Letters; Chart Transfers; Chart Copies.
All forms must be presented at the reception desk and paid for before the office visit.  Please have complete and sign your part of the form prior to your visit.  Please note that depending on the form it may take up to 30 days to be completed. We appreciate your patience as we receive a large volume of forms at our clinic.

This is an Academic Facility
We assist in the training of family medicine resident doctors and medical students at this clinic. A resident doctor can diagnose and treat your condition and will have a supervisor available if there are questions or concerns.  Every patient is reviewed with the attending physician at the end of the day.  The supervising doctor is responsible to ensure that your problems are accurately addressed.  If you have a very personal issue and do not want to see a student or resident doctor please inform the staff.

Cancellation/Late Arrival
If you need to cancel your appointment we ask that you give 24 hours notice so we may give another patient the opportunity to be seen. We also understand that emergencies do come up - please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or will be late.

Zero Tolerance for Abuse
Abuse of staff, patients, physicians and all other members of the clinic will not be tolerated. Abuse can take many forms including intimidation, condescending or patronizing language, impatience, refusal/reluctance to answer questions, giving misleading information and manipulation. Incidents will be recorded and reported to the appropriate personnel. We will take corrective action including potential termination of patient status, or removing permission to remain on the property.

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